Why contribute?

Copyright stays with you

Unlike some other projects, we intentionally do not use a contributor agreement that would give us exclusive rights to your contributions.

The copyrights to VyOS source code and documentation remain shared between all contributors, so that no one (including its current maintainers) can make a proprietary fork.

We have rewards

Maintaining an LTS version is a hard, delicate, high-responsibility work. Being a maintainer means not being able to refuse to work on the hard tasks. We keep prebuilt LTS images behind a paywall for that reason, but we are ready to share our work with everyone who helps us move the project forward.

This includes everyone who contributes code, tests latest builds, writes documentation, or promotes VyOS in the social media or at live events.

Read about our contributor subscriptions to review eligibility guidelines and fill the application form.

We also have badges!

Where to start

Contributing to the code

Contributing to the documentation

Testing latest builds

Spreading the word

  • Write about VyOS in your own blog or website.
  • Write about VyOS and share our posts on social media.
  • Speak about VyOS at conferenced and meetups.